Monday, October 19, 2009

Climbing for a Cause

October 18, 2009
Brent Gym (Philsports Arena)

Picture: Vaccination Notice for Kids at Brent Gym

BAROC Mountaineers was set to conquer and enjoy another mountain in the area of Southern Luzon but the board decided to cancel it in lieu for an official outreach program in ULTRA intended for the Pasig victims of typhoon “Ondoy”

It was a really a moment to share something not just in terms of material things but instead extending time and effort to fulfill such agenda.

The day started with the preparation of food, one classic mountain recipe (Adobo). As the chicken is boiled with the flavor of adobo, others were organizing and segregating clothes size by size, age by age and gender by gender. Medicines and school supplies were also packed..

As the sun goes up, the level of work that needs to be done also rises. Next line is to manage the whole re-packing of food (rice and adobo), while others are in the bakery line re-packing the different types of bread available. Fun will never be it out in the picture, it is synonymous to climbing a steep slope but still full of smiles and stories. With the production going smoothly, it is comparing a factory full of workers doing their part in a circle of teamwork.

Another food was cooked and needed to be re-packed and for the next hour was the “Sopas”. In the nick of time, at around 6PM, we are now set to proceed and continue.

All were loaded onto big cartoons and bags to be accommodated by the biggest vehicle that time. It was the biggest because of its part to transport those goods to the site. Thanks to be ever-dearest lady who owns it.

At that site, we salute all the volunteers from different agencies that helped make the site organized in the best they can. Crowd numbers are still overwhelming, before the night arrives; three members went to the site to do recon and talked to resource persons in the area. Our designated sphere is the second gymnasium at Philsports Complex which current headcount comprises of 476 persons.

The distribution went smoothly with the big help of giving claim stubs ahead of time and making straight a trail line. While this is on-going, others are playing some games for the kids.

Another 28 families were added to the gymnasium section; happily we have enough resources and have given a share for them. The remainder of what we have brought especially the box of bread and rice were given to management to share it to the others.

The exhaustion was just visible after I dropped to my bed that night. It was really proportionate to like hiking or trekking a mountain, stress are not felt during the trail walks and slopes crawl but instead at the campsite.

Indeed, it was a successful outreach program. It was another summit triumph with full of smiles not just for the volunteers but to those playful kids and hopeful families.

Thank you Bro..

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