Thursday, January 21, 2010


Check out previous post for the Part I of DAVAO - KIDAPAWAN MT. APO - TAGUM JOURNEY.  Mt.Apo Peak shadows on the Lake April 28, 2009 (Tuesday).   The lake is shadowing the peak.

Clear View of the Majestic Mt.Apo April 28, 2009 (Tuesday).   This is the view going to the entrance point of Kidapawan Trail. We will be using the Kidawapan trail for our downhill approach going to Lake Agco.

87 Degrees Roping and Ladder April 28, 2009 (Tuesday).  Be careful as the sign says.

Small River April 29, 2009 (Wednesday).  This is the first river we have crossed.

Last Bridge at Marbel River April 29, 2009 (Wednesday).  This is the last approach going to Lake Agco. At last after 4 days and 3 nights, we are in sight to reach the destination for another 30 minutes.  We rest for a couple of hours in Lake Agco experiencing Natural Steam Bath. Then headed to the house riding Habal-Habal.

Welcome to Kidapawan.  April 30, 2009 (Thursday).  This is welcome sign of Kidapawan (City of Fruits and Highland Springs). We were at the park near the river at this time.

Kidapawan Municipal Hall April 30, 2009 (Thursday).  We were looking for some souvenir items near the area.

Looking at You in Camp Eden May 01, 2009 (Friday).  A mini zoo located at Camp Eden, Toril Daval Del Norte.

Skyrider Zipline @ Camp Eden May 01, 2009 (Friday).  We tried the Skyrider Zipline for P150 pesos. Total of 60 seconds rush. The scenic view is Davao City side.

Sunny Day in Davao  May 02, 2009 (Saturday).  After a full night in Tagum, early Saturday morning we headed to Samal Island Ferry Terminal.  We stop to have gas at one Shell station in the area but since they do not accept cards as of the moment, we looked for another station.

Punta Del Sol (Samal Island) May 02, 2009 (Saturday).  Indeed a sunny day in Samal Island. Most of the resorts are crowded already so we don't have a choice but to take this one.

Monford Bat Sanctuary (Samal Island) May 02, 2009 (Saturday).  We visited the Bat Sanctuary in the area. It is really a haven of the flying creatures. This is preserved by the local goverment.

Bats, Bats and Bats Everywhere May 02, 2009 (Saturday)

Sunset at Samal Island May 02, 2009 (Saturday)  A beautiful view of the sunset. A refreshing scene.

Thank you very much Bro!  PAL Counter in Davao Airport (Late Night) May 03, 2009 (Sunday).  We were late for our flight which was slated originally at 7:20 PM. Nevertheless "Bro" did find a way for us to be onboarded to another plane.  Salamat Bro! Lesson learned, double check the time of your ticket..:-)

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