Monday, September 26, 2011


October 15-18, 2010 - Heavy splash and roaring thunder welcomes our arrival in Silay Airport. After almost an hour trailing the sugarcane road, we are now in Bacolod City. On our first night, we are supposed to watch the Electric Maskara but since it was still raining that night, we missed it caused the festival started late.

An energized Saturday breakfast with fresh and live alimasag on the side, then just a couple of hours, we are now in Manukan Country. This alley is where all grill houses that specialized in Chicken Inasal are lined up. We toured around the malls in the area to check some dry goods before heading to Central Plaza to hopefully watch the Maskara school competition.

Unfortunately we missed it and we are back at the house again. The night was full of meaningful conversation and stories. Sunday morning was more on visiting the relatives in the area and after a bountiful lunch, we are now heading to the plaza.

At the plaza, we had a glance of the participants of the barangay division. We had to improvise something to be able to get inside full-pack house. We talked to some supporters and we are able to get an idea that we can help in getting the props inside and it worked. Inside we had good vantage point to watch the completion upfront.

We watched half of the participants showcasing their dance and costumes as they sway to the tune of the Maskara soundtrack. Halfway, we decided to have dinner at the Lion’s Park grill house. It was almost late and fewer taxis are roaming around so we decided to hire a tricycle back to the hub. Another piece of advice, tricycles comes handy in the province.

Monday was our last day and it was the moment of truth to deliver what is supposed to be done. And we had to visit her grandfather’s tomb to tell him something also. It was a simple success story and it was refreshing one. The Sinigang flavored by the green berry called Batuan was my favorite. I like it much better than the Kamias or Sampaloc.

Before we headed to airport, we had a glimpse of one of the old mansions by a rich family in Negros. It was sight of ancient and antique artifacts. The best was the flat iron they are using that time. Back in the sugarcane plantation road, heavy rain dropped again and it was sign that the typhoon up north is affecting the Visayas region.

The rain did not stop as we hit Manila roads.  The rains were a blessing in disguise to fulfill something unexpected in our timeline. Another story is waiting to be written and will be added to our colorful life. Malapit Na! :-)

I will surely comeback to Bacolod. ;-)




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