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Pinatubo Experience

March 29, 2009

Since the 1991 eruption of this silent volcano, Mount Pinatubo had been one of the most visited places here in the Philippines.

Above is the spectacular view of the Crater Lake which can be conquered by total of less than two hours combined of trekking and 4x4 drive experience coming from Sta.Juliana which is main entry point.

During our visit, we decided to get a guided tour inclusive on transportation, food and swimming peripherals. Nowadays, you can easily research on the internet on where to get the services or do-it-yourself itinerary. There are two options; one is day-tour while other one is overnight schedule which includes camping at the crater-lake.

For us, we availed the services of a single-day tour which started our three hours bus ride at Cubao going to Lingayen, and then we ask the driver to drop us at the municipal hall of Capas Tarlac.

At the municipal hall, we were met by our guide. Most of us are hungry at that time, so we requested to have an early breakfast first since a full-day is ahead of us. After the heavy-meal at the downtown, we headed straight to Sta.Juliana to meet the 4x4 people. We rented three (3) 4x4 vehicles and our rough journey started here.

The rough experience was not really as imagined. The terrain is clear, some minor hardships for the vehicle but not exactly overwhelming. Nevertheless, the joyride was extreme in its own way.

At the end of the road, you will a space wherein multiple of 4x4 vehicles are parked. This is the sign of the start for trekking.

Another 45-minute hike and we have reached the Crater Lake. It was a light trekking experience for us but still you will still feel the exhaustion from everyone. But the view will definitely refresh your mind and body once you arrive at the top. At the lake, you can do boating, swimming and other water activities.

It was indeed a nature trip that extends with some experience on rough terrain, mild trekking and sulphur bath.

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