Wednesday, September 7, 2011



I am sure everyone who went into climbing mountains with their friends, joining a trekking community and listened on one of the basic mountaineering course of any group heard the initials LNT. LNT means “Leave No Trace” and there are principles behind it but the only thing in my mind is the word “Preservation”. 

This message is not entirely for mountaineering but for the overall outdoor activities you can imagine. Last weekend, we went to Mount Manabu in Batangas to have a clean-up drive. It was a success story not in terms of how much trash we brought back from the campsite and trails but the overall sight we discovered. A sight that is full of colors, vegetation and trees.

Also along the way, we catch a glimpse of these wonderful and colorful butterflies. My favorites were the white butterfly during the socials time, then the big red one before we left the campsite the morning after, the last one was the beautiful green butterfly in the hut.

It was one of those climbs that is purely fun. The essence of that fun is the foundation of this group. Before we are overshadowed with fun, we must always remember to “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time”.

Here is nice website that covers the seven principles of L.N.T.

Please have time to read the details on each principle. ;-)

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