Thursday, September 8, 2011


September 25-27, 2010 It was two years ago when I landed in Naga Airport, that trip was to go to Caramoan Islands and have time to wake-board in CWC. For now, it is a different one; our reason is join the CamSur Marathon. Because of schedule differences, half of the team boarded the bus going to Naga while others have different plane routes to Legaspi and Naga respectively. Anyway, the group was completed before night time of Saturday. We check out for Cochrane apartments  and luckily we found Villa Caceres which is nice hotel I can say. We had a terrific dinner in Dennis Grill just a few meters walk from the hotel. All I can say that too much Crispy Pata is not good for your health but no-no this time; we need those fats for tomorrow’s run… The intended lights-out is early since we need to be at the site before the dawn breaks. All are pumped up when we rode the bus going to different starting lines. From the group of eigtheen, two will not be running and will be there to take pictures. Sixteen of us will be running, two for 42Km, two for 21Km, nine for 10Km and 3 for 5Km. I am one of the participants in the 10km, and all can I think during that time is pure mental. Honestly, I did not train but insisted to make the cut for ninety-minute marker which I got when I reached the finish line. It was really a different experience since the last time I joined a fun run, that was two years ago and I walked the whole 3Km.

For now, this is my first official 10km result and willing to improve in the next couple of runs. To cut away the experience in Naga, we are back to the hotel before lunch time after we strolled in CWC for a couple of hours. Some stayed because they are flying back from Legaspi the next day while majority is heading to the other side of Camarines which is Daet, hometown of our Koreana girl. In Daet, we experienced the local centro lifestyle, the surfing capital of Camarines which is Bagasbas then we had relaxing time in Brickyard. All I can say, the food was great, the hospitality of our Bicolanas was wonderful and overall the bonding session was even super. Magtatagalog na ako, basta sa susunod rules are rules..hehehe..Para may time magbonding ang boys and girls..ayos ba!.... See you on the next run outside Manila, prepare for Cebu in January. Enjoy Running Happy Runners! :-D

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  1. Wow, I wish I had your fitness level!  Or I guess I have to work for it.  Reading about you climbing Mt Apo and running these marathons already makes me tired.